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GPNC facilitates the installation of a full line of
Solar, LED Lighting, and Geo Thermal products
GPNC facilitates the installation of a full line of
Solar, LED Lighting, and Geo Thermal products

Go Green, Make Green


When it comes to solar we firmly believe there isn’t a one size fits all. There is a one size fits best for YOU! Our goal at Green Power is to create the perfect solar plan for your household or business facility needs. Not everyone needs a 10kw, some need more and some need less and rather than just sell you a prepackaged solar system we look at your current and projected energy usage and create the best solar option to fit Your Energy needs. Green Power of North Carolina has simplified purchasing solar into three easy option. . . Good, Better and Best.

 #1 A GOOD option is the straight purchase, you can compare this to what other companies offer, you take the 26% Federal Credit, upon showing us a competing bid with the same equipment we will not only match but we will beat their price. (Call for details) Return on Investment (ROI 8-11 years)

 #2 BETTER option? If you cannot take a Federal Tax credit, then the Purchasing Partner Program is the better option for you. Together we own the system with you for 5 years then you can buy out the system at a reduced cost from the program at the end of the 5 years. The Purchasing Partner Program will retain all the tax incentives and you will receive all of the dealer/ supplier/ manufacturer rebates the following year, this gives you a faster return than the traditional purchase, and you get all the solar power benefits. Ask about your rebate potential. This works great for fixed income, retired or LMI households. (ROI 7-10 years)

 #3 Our BEST option is to anyone who wants to join and invest in the Solar Marketing Partnership. Community Solar at its best! The Partnership owns the system and takes the incentives but you get all the solar power benefits and will receive a federal tax credit through the partnership as a limited partner for the demonstrational solar project in your community. This 5 year Demo setup allows you to show off the system and at the end of the fifth year you can buy out the system. This option actually pays you to go solar. (ROI 2-3 years)

What the other guys won’t tell you. . .

 If the federal credit is being taken under any model from any company, OWNERSHIP in the solar must be maintained for a period of 5 year or the prorated portion must be returned to the IRS. If you are planning on selling your home or business, then the Solar Marketing Partnership or Purchase Partner Program is the better option as it can easily be transferred with no penalty.

Our services and products include but are not limited to:
· Solar Energy
· Geothermal HVAC
· Solar lighting
· LED light
· Solar Hot water
· Geothermal Hot water
· Full Design build to fit most projects.
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